ECBS-certificate for quality management systems

Since 2023, the European Certification Body GmbH (ECB) has been accredited according to ISO/IEC17021-1.
This enables ECB to certify quality management systems according to ISO 9001 (IAF codes 17,18 and 19).
The Europeam Certification Body GmbH sees its focus of ISO 9001 on small and medium-sized enterprises.

How does ISO 9001 certification work?

  • Initial interview
    Overview if all requirements of ISO 9001 are implemented. Exchange of information about your company. Based on this information, preparation of an individual offer. 
  • Certification audit stage 1 and 2
    Stage 1: system analysis, evaluation of documentation and objectives. Results of management assessment and internal audits. Determination of wether your management system is ready for certification.

    Stage 2: on-site presentation of practical application to assess the effectiveness of processes using ISO 9001. Final meeting with presentation of results and agreement on measures, if necessary. Subsequently, you will receive the audit report.

  • System evalutation
    The results of the certification audit are evaluated by the independent certification body of ECB GmbH, which summarizes all results. If the results are positive, we will issue the ISO 9001 certificate for you. .

  • Surveillance audits
    Annual review of process optimization and continued effectiveness as well as conformity to standards of your quality management system.Jhrliche  

  • Re-certification
    The certificate period is three years. Re-certification takes place in good time before expiry to ensure continued compliance with the standard requirements. If the result is positive, we issue a new certificate. 


Find out about relevant aspects of quality management system certification by ECB in the following documents
  • Certification Guideline  (ECBS D001)
    The certification guideline ECBS D001 applies to the certification of quality management systems (QMS) according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

  • Logo Guidelines  (ECBS D005)
    These conditions regulate the use of the logo of the certification body European Certification Body (ECB) GmbH in connection with the certification of quality management systems (QMS) according to  DIN EN ISO 9001.

Complaints and Objectives Procedures

Complaints and objectives procedures can be found here