Service operations should be carried out by a qualified staff.


ECBS: Publication of ECBS Recommendation for Service, Repair and Modification Operations

Preconditions for service operations that need to be carried out on locks, secure storage units as well as data cabinets and rooms

Frankfurt/M. February 2018. In January 2018, the European Certification Body GmbH published a non-binding service recommendation for service, repair, modification and maintenance work on ECBS certified products. The aim of this recommendation is to ensure a proper, comprehensible and, above all, comparable procedure for service operations.

As a rule, service operations involve the replacement of high security locks, the retrofitting of electronic locks, the exchange of seals as well as emergency openings and the subsequent repair of secure storage units. Based on these characteristics, service operations should be carried out by the service staff of the certificate holder or by a service company. The certification body ECB therefore recommends that service staff (service technicians of the certificate holder and/or the service company) must be trained and brought up to date at regular intervals. Proof of professional competence may be given e.g. as follows: Training by the certificate holder, many years of practical experience, many years working in a manufacturing company (certificate holder) in the field of technology, service, or similar and participation in various training courses at educational institutes which deal with these topics on a regular basis.

As proof of the quality of the service performed on ECBS certified products, ECB may, on request of the service company or the service department of the certificate holder, carry out a so-called service audit once per year. In the main, this audit covers the procedure applied in the service operations and its documentation based on this ECB recommendation. If external quality surveillance audits are already carried out at the manufacturing company at regular intervals, they may be combined with a service audit. After a successful audit, the company will receive a confirmation to the effect that the service centre is monitored by ECB at regular intervals. The complete ECBS recommendation for service, repair and modification operations can be found on our homepage under the heading "Documents". If you have further questions on the topic of service, you are welcome to contact the European Certification Body GmbH.

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